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Tuesday September 17th, 2019
by mikashima
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About using Ryotei on iOS13.

With iOS13, Ryotei will not be able to record if you charge the iPhone from a USB port installed in a car or motorcycle.

1. Start Ryotei on an iPhone with iOS13 installed.
2. Tap the button at the bottom left of the list screen, and if the right to use location information is displayed, set it to “Allow While Using App”. Tap Cancel when the start screen is displayed instead of usage rights.
3. Quit the Ryotei app or restart your iPhone.
4. Changed Allow Access when Locked (Settings -> Face ID and Passcode or Touch ID and Passcode-> Allow Access When Locked -> USB Accessories) Turned USB accessories on.
5. Changed Allow Location Access (Settings-> Ryotei-> Allow Ryotei to Access-> Location-> Allow Location Access) Select Always.